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Pacific Controls shoots for the Galaxy

Pacific Controls shoots for the Galaxy 

In the present age of the Internet of Everything, real-time provision of services and infrastructure operability is essential to sustain and manage city services and infrastructure.

To address this, Pacific Controls Systems (PCS), an ICT-enabled managed services provider for smart cities, critical assets and machines, has introduced its Galaxy-2021 Software Platform.

“The next great step in the Internet of Everything – completely fluid information and fully interoperating devices, people and systems – requires a new generation of data and application integration platform technology that will make information itself truly portable in both physical and information space, and among any conceivable smart information devices and machines,” Dilip Rahulan, executive chairman of Pacific Controls said in a press release. “I am pleased to announce that Galaxy-2021 is designed from the ground up to address this requirement.”

Galaxy-2021 is built using Services Oriented Architecture, which the company says will provide the scalability with flexibility required to deliver large-scale services. It will provide Galaxy Gbots, an autonomous software, which provides automated maintenance and security services.

To reduce complexity and the time delivered to provide its services, the company used a Software Defined Machine approach for device integration and communication.

This platform will be released in the first quarter of 2015 and will manage city services and infrastructure in real time. PCS, together with its connections with global telecom vendors, will provide cloud solutions to users worldwide.

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