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Out of my dreams, and into my connected car

Out of my dreams, and into my connected car 

When you think about it, it makes sense why kids would be all about a self-driving car; at 8, you don’t have a license and your feet may not reach the pedals anyway. But you would still be able to tap into the freedom that a car promises. But the thing about daydreaming is that you miss out on a lot of details. For example, one question I hadn’t even thought of: if the car drives itself, what does the driver do instead?


Volvo and Ericsson came up with one solution—the two companies have developed intelligent, high bandwidth, streaming capabilities for a variety of media. Probably the coolest part is that the software looks ahead at network conditions along the route ahead and intelligently buffer video content to ensure the media is played without interruption. It’ll even calculate the duration of the trip and suggest video content that fits the timeframe, so you won’t have to leave the car before the video’s done – or sit in the car once you’ve arrived to finish your show.

As a kid, I would have probably been all over the idea of watching my favorite movies while being driven in my very own car. Nowadays, two other attractive options spring to mind: sleep, or if I want to be productive, work.

Working could also benefit for Ericsson’s solution, as the software would look at network conditions and could possibility optimize the route and connection so I don’t have my internet give out right in the middle of downloading a big presentation.

I know for a fact that I’m not the only one daydreaming about a better commuting experience; our 10 Hot Consumer Trends report just discovered on a weekly basis, commuters globally spend 20 percent more time commuting than doing leisure activities. In fact, half of those spending more than nine hours every week commuting don’t think they have enough time for leisure. That’s pretty depressing. 

Commuters want to use the time spent to be productive, to socialize or to enjoy themselves. And certainly, if the commute is by self-driving car, it looks like their daydreams will be fulfilled in the future.

Christine Luby

Christine helps drive the social media activation of the Networked Society and believes in all things connected. A communicator and storyteller by trade, she has been excited about the future since she was a kid—and is still waiting for her self-driving flying car. Follow Christine on Twitter @christineluby


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