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Ostrato releases cloud service manager

Ostrato releases cloud service manager 

“The cloud is designed to make things easier and cheaper for business users and enterprises, but the un-checked purchases and deployment of cloud platforms combined with poor IT management and oversight can quickly counter both of those advantages,” said Jay Chapel, CEO, Ostrato. “Ostrato helps organizations not only retain those benefits, but build on them, providing enterprises with a single-pane-of-glass for all their cloud management needs.”

CloudSM provides on-demand service and the ability to integrate with over 35 cloud providers, including AWS, Microsoft, and OpenStack. This allows businesses to compare and choose services based on their own needs, while IT departments avoid vendor lock-in.

The product minimizes IT configuration time by providing visibility across all cloud instances. It also provides greater security; in addition to auto-adherence to interoperability and integration standards, the products ensures that only authorized users can make changes to the cloud environment, and that all changes adhere to company standards and meet IT requirements.

Additionally, it provides billing and reporting services: cloudSM analyzes cost structures, tracks spending, and monitors utilizations in order to improve budgeting and avoid over-provisioning.

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