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Oracle simplifies two-factor authentication with mobile app

Oracle simplifies two-factor authentication with mobile app 

To reduce the stress of authentication on businesses, Oracle announced today the Oracle Mobile Authenticator, a new part of the Oracle Access Management Suite intended to turn mobile phones into second factor authentication devices.

The solution, according to Oracle, is more simple and cost-effective than traditional methods of protecting customers and employees from fraud.

“In today’s business landscape, mobile devices have become an extension of a user’s identity and provide a simple and powerful solution to address growing digital security risks,” said Amit Jasuja, SVP, Java and Identity Management, Oracle.

“Oracle’s approach to strong authentication enables organizations to take advantage of the growing number of personal devices in the workplace while reducing the cost of authentication. Additionally, the new Oracle Mobile Authenticator application delivers the added benefit of fraud detection and reduced risk.”

The Mobile Authenticator works by combining user names and passwords with an additional layer of security at the device level. It enables organizations to use a single access management infrastructure for a variety of needs, including “single sign-on (SSO), federated Web access control, fraud detection, token management, and enterprise SSO.”

Businesses will also have access to a number of second factors, such as soft token generation, Google Authenticator, and behaviour-based access.

The Mobile Authenticator and Oracle Adaptive Authentication are now part of the Oracle Identity Platform, thanks to an updated release of the latter. The release also brought new enhancements, features, and capabilities for cloud and mobile applications.

As for employees and customers, the application is compatible with a number of mobile devices, which means they can use the device of their choice.

The application is currently available for download on the Apple Store and Google Play.

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