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Oracle debuts Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.1

Oracle debuts Oracle Secure Global Desktop 5.1 

Version 5.1 will provide HTML5 support for Android tablets, allowing users to access Oracle Applications and other enterprise software without the need to install a separate client on the device. Additionally, HTML5 will provide easier access to applications with Google Chrome for both Windows and Mac users, again eliminating the need to install a client.

The product can also integrate with Oracle Unified Directory, an all-in-one solution that boasts storage, proxy, synchronization and virtualization capabilities. This enables Oracle Secure Global Desktop to automatically authenticate users against an existing user directory. It can also allocate applications to the appropriate users by employing LDAP queries.

“By adding support for Android tablets and Google Chrome on Mac and PCs, the latest release of Oracle Secure Global Desktop provides end users with the ability to access enterprise applications from more devices than ever before,” said Wim Coekaerts, senior VP, Linux and Virtualization Engineering, Oracle.

“Providing secure remote access to Oracle and other enterprise applications, all from the same device and without needing to re-write code, enables significant investment and time savings for customers.”

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