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Oracle announces Applications Cloud for mobile

Oracle announces Applications Cloud for mobile 

The latest additions enhance productivity and efficiency by simplifying information access, embedding new capabilities and adding customization. The user experience has been optimized for tablets and smartphones, so that productivity isn’t affected even if the user is working from a mobile device, according to Oracle.

Enhanced Oracle applications improve the user experience and help maximize value of business-critical applications. It also lets users access essential information that supports the way they work, and is optimized for both tablets and smartphones.

The simplified user interface in Oracle Sales Cloud helps sales representatives sell more by streamlining sales and administrative processes, while the simplified UI in Oracle HCM Cloud drives efficiencies to maximize the potential of their global talent, says Oracle.

Technological upgrades in the new UI enhance the user experience and mobility of business-critical applications, which track performance, interactions and forecasts. The visualization and analytic capabilities of Oracle HCM Cloud deliver a comprehensive view of employee information, letting organizations personalize branding, structure and content of the UI.

“We understand how people work. We want users to know where to go. We have simple screens and analytics, so that you can see your status, click to get more information and then commit to the task and go. We are making regular, incremental improvements,” said Jeremy Ashley, VP, Oracle Applications User Experience.

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