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OpenText picks up the tempo with new social innovations

OpenText picks up the tempo with new social innovations 

“Customers are very intrigued by the power in using some of these social tools, but they are very, very worried about confidential information living in the cloud,” said Lubor Ptacek, VP, Strategic Marketing, OpenText. “People love the idea of LinkedIn and Twitter and Facebook, but the concern is, are we disclosing something that shouldn’t be disclosed?”

With Tempo Box 10.5, Tempo Social 8.5, and Tempo Note, enterprises need no longer worry that their sensitive data will be compromised by a Dropbox hack or Twitter feed that has gone off the rails. Employees will be able to share files and take meeting notes within the corporate repository.

“Tempo is designed to address three main aspects of what we see as very popular in consumer software,” said Ptacek. “The first is file sharing and file synchronization…the second, social collaboration…and the third is a note-taking functionality.”

Tempo Box functions in much the same way as Dropbox and Google Drive, except that the documents being shared remain within the company’s secure network. Files and folders being shared are synchronized across all devices connected to Tempo.

Tempo Social, meanwhile, is similar to Facebook and Twitter: users can post statuses and comment on them, upload photos, follow colleagues, and post and share blogs. Its new enhancements include a mobile app that supports Android and iOS.

With Tempo Note – a new capability of Tempo Box that “lives in the enterprise cloud” – users can take meeting notes, record ideas, share their thoughts, and share activities.  

The additions to Tempo are part of a greater launch the company announced last November. With Project Red Oxygen, OpenText began to harmonize and integrate all the releases of their software into a single product, to enable their customers to better take advantage of their enterprise information.

For his part, Ptacek believes Tempo’s social capabilities are essential to enterprises that want to push forward and make new ideas a reality.

“Getting people to be innovative and passionate about what they’re doing, it requires some tools, it requires a particular environment,” said Ptacek. “You can’t just use the traditional tools; you need to have new ways of stimulating [innovation]. That is the secret promise of social collaboration.”

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