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One text and you’re hacked

One text and you’re hacked 

An estimated 950 million Android phones and tablets are at risk of being hacked by a single incoming text message.

Joshua Drake from Zimperium zLabs dissected the Android code and discovered what is considered to be the worst Android vulnerability that has surfaced to date.

But what is really scary about these vulnerabilities is that hackers only need access to your mobile number. With that they can remotely execute a code via a well-designed media file delivered through the messaging application on your device.

It gets even scarier; an all out successful attack could even delete the message before you actually see it. The only thing you may see is just the notification. These exposures are extremely threatening, as it does not require you to take any action to be exploited.

Unlike spear-phishing, where a person needs to open a file or a link sent by the hacker, this vulnerability can happen while you sleep. By the time you are up, all signs will be removed to indicate that your device was compromised. Then, as if nothing happened, you will continue your day as usual with an infected device.

So, what can be done to mitigate these vulnerabilities?

Zimperium presented a few patches that were acted upon by Google within 48 hours. Unfortunately this is only the start of a very drawn-out process of update implementation.

Yes, the heartbleed bug was ruthless, but the Android vulnerability unwraps grave security concerns for a major part of the mobile world.

Get the full scoop at Zimperium’s website at this link:

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