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OMEGABYTE Networks partners with CyrusOne

OMEGABYTE Networks partners with CyrusOne 

CyrusOne says it was chosen as OMEGABYTE’s first data centre partner. With 25 data centres in the United States, Europe, and Asia, CyrusOne’s 645 customers include nine of the Fortune 20 companies and 135 of the Fortune 1000.

“Our channel partnership will enable customers to leverage OMEGABYTE’s dedicated private cloud while utilizing CyrusOne’s superior data center infrastructure,” said Fred Holloway, VP, channel sales, CyrusOne, in a press release. “Our data center environment will provide the optimal level of power, redundancy, and physical security required to effectively serve OMEGABYTE’s customers.”

To manage private clouds, Turnkey OpenStack compute and storage solutions are offered as a dedicated environment with web interface as a monthly private cloud service by OMEGABYTE Networks, ranging from a few to thousands of nodes. OMEGABYTE says it has 100 percent AWS API compatibility which is good for organizations seeking private cloud alternatives.

“OMEGABYTE and CyrusOne share a common philosophy of providing highly reliable, highly secure, scalable, and flexible solutions to customers,” explained Shawn Panchacharam, CEO, OMEGABYTE Networks, in a press release. “Regardless of whether a company selects a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution to use for their business, customers expect the highest degree of reliability. The OMEGABYTE platform, coupled with the CyrusOne colocation facilities, provides exactly what enterprise organizations need for a private cloud environment.”

To provide a demo environment for OpenStack private clouds, OMEGABYTE selected CyrusOne’s Austin Met Center II. CyrusOne believes this is a good facility location for customers exploring dedicated and secure deployment because of its 65,000-square-foot size and the first potential four-phase facility, the data centre’s size being 290,000 square feet. This campus has CyrusOne’s top-tier security standards and power and is designed to be an ideal production environment for Fortune 1000 companies.

CyrusOne provides data centre services and colocation solutions and designs its facilities with power-density infrastructure which includes power redundancy (2N) architecture. CyrusOne’s National IX is offered with 100 percent uptime and customers can access National IX for low-cost, multi-location connectivity with data centres via the data centre platform that links CyrusOne’s enterprise facilities and third party locations in metro markets.

CyrusOne says it received data center certification from Open-IX (OIX) Association and adds that Fortune 1000 companies can manage their internal disaster recovery requirements and applicable industry-specific requirements like Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA and PCI, through National IX.

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