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Norton releases Norton Security

Norton releases Norton Security 

Norton recently released Norton Security, which combines nine products into one. This product will protect PCs, Macs, Android and Apple devices. Gerry Egan, director, Symantec security technology and response, discussed the advantages of the company’s latest product.

“It’s an evolution of the business we’ve been in for many years now,” Egan commented. “It’s not the same level of threats there was 10 years ago. Things have changed. Threats haven’t diminished. Instead of big threats that move fast, you’ve got many more threats that infect smaller number of machines. It’s much more about web-based attacks.”

Norton Security aims to defend consumer devices against web-based attacks quickly and comprehensively. According to a PassMark test conducted in September 2014, Norton Security was the fastest security product out of all others tested. In addition, it scored 100 percent in the time-to-protect category in a series of tests conducted by Dennis Labs in September 2014. A third party test performed by AV-Test GmbH in August and September 2014 earned Norton Security a 100 percent score in vulnerability protection.

The solution relies on proven Norton technologies to protect consumer devices. It features Norton Insight, which identifies files that do not need to be scanned, so quick scans can be carried out faster. Norton Security also uses SONAR, a product that assesses application behaviour for malicious intent. Norton has also included Safe Web, Scam Insight, Download Insight and anti-phishing technologies. These features share information with each other to determine if a site is part of a social-engineering scam.

Egan noted that Norton Security is a response to the proliferation of mobile devices. He remarked that people believe that security threats cannot affect these devices. “They’d be wrong,” Egan said. To protect customers’ new devices, Norton carefully examined its portfolio. “We tried to reflect changing market conditions,” he commented. “We’re moving to a simplified lineup. We’re giving customers all they need for all of their devices.”

Indeed, Norton is billing Norton Security as the simplest protection solution yet. Consumers enter a cloud-based portal and enter which devices they would like to protect. This portal allows users to view their protection status and manage their subscription. “There’s one simple service,” Egan stated. “Norton to protect you, your data, your devices. We’re delivering full strength protection for the device you’re on. We’re going to give you everything we’ve got. You’ve got it all with one simple service.” He added that users do not need to choose the type of protection they need for various devices. Rather, Norton Security will automatically provide the correct protection for each device.

Customers can also choose to purchase 25GB of backup. “Your most precious memories live on your computer,” Egan pointed out. “Hard drives fail.” The option to back up files will appeal to consumers who do not want to lose valuable files.

The company is working with its American and Canadian channel partners to slowly phase out older Norton products and ensure a smooth transition to its latest offering. Norton Security’s subscription service is being sold for $79.99 annually. The version with 25GB of memory backup will retail for $89.99 annually. Customers who purchase the version with backup can buy storage in 10GB increments for $10 per year.

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