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“NO! Bad Alexa!” When AI has a mind of its own

“NO! Bad Alexa!” When AI has a mind of its own 

Show Notes:

Companies, governments, businesses are all collecting data from us. It would be nice to know what these organizations have on us. What sort of data does Microsoft or Google have about me, about you?

Well, Apple has made it very easy for you to know exactly that.

The company is giving users the opportunity to download a copy of all the data it has collected from them. This includes information gathered by the App Store and iTunes, information based on your Apple ID account, device information, online and retail store activity, AppleCare support history, and more.

The tool is part of Apple’s new Data and Privacy website, which also allows users to correct any information Apple holds about them, and deactivate their account entirely.

The new Data and Privacy website, which can be found at, is a one-stop shop for users who want to find out what Apple knows about them and you have the option of downloading that data.

Facebook AI and whistling

Facebook AI Research has developed an AI that can convert music in one style or genre into virtually any other. Instead of merely trying to repeat notes or style-specific traits, the approach uses unsupervised training to teach a neural network how to create similar noises all on its own. Facebook’s system even prevents the AI from merely memorizing the audio signal by purposefully distorting the input.

Alexa and private conversations

As a smart home speaker owner, your worst nightmare is having your private message recorded AND sent to someone without your knowledge. Well, that turned out to be a real-life nightmare for a woman in Portland. Her Amazon Echo recorded an audio clip of her conversation and sent it to a person on her contact list.

The woman said she was alerted to the bug when the person who received the audio clip called to let her know that she has been hacked. The person who received the message was one of her husband’s employees.

By looking at the log, Amazon was able to confirm that what the woman said was entirely accurate. It happened the way she related. The company is looking to fix this.

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