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NITEC17 highlights NATO’s $4.2-B defence tech wish list

NITEC17 highlights NATO’s $4.2-B defence tech wish list 

The theme of this year’s event is Sharpening NATO’s Technological Edge: Adaptive Partnerships and the Innovative Power of Alliance Industry.

“NITEC17 will be of interest to the Canadian security and defence industry because it will inform them on what are the future contracting opportunities in the pipeline over the next one to three years within NATO,” according to Peter Scaruppe, director of acquisition for NCI. “The conference will help Canadian industry understand the NATO system better – how we do acquisition, which technologies are in demand with NATO, and how to successfully take part in the procurement process.”

Vanguard Radio recently spoke with Scaruppe and during our brief interview outlined some of NATOs procurement needs and its current focus on building its cyber capabilities.

Hear more of what Scaruppe had to say on our podcast…

Time stamp:

00:55 – The role of the NCI director of acquisition

01:53 – NATO’s $1.5 billion procurement programs

02:13 – Why NITEC17 is important for Canadian companies

04:46 – What are the potential contract opportunities within NATO

07:25 – 10 upcoming main competitions

08:39 – NATO’s IT procurement needs

09: 18 – Focus on Infrastructure as a Service

10: 38 – Featured speakers and business and networking opportunities

13:19 – Advice on how to make the most out of NITEC17

To find out more about NITEC17 and to register, click on this link

NITEC17 highlights

  • Business opportunities worth €3-billion
  • Breakout sessions on NATO-Industry collaboration
  • Direct interaction with high-level defence experts
  • Top speakers
  • Small and Medium Enterprise Mentoring Sessions
  • Next Generation Innovators Programme · Innovation Challenge

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