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Nginx launches NGINX Plus

Nginx launches NGINX Plus 

NGINX Plus supports cloud vendors that need quickly scale ability their web tier to meet rapidly expanding growth in users, content and subscribers.

“NGINX Plus on ARM-based 64-bit processors delivers unparalleled agility and scale for data centers keen on matching compute resources to their web application architectures,” said Gus Robertson, CEO of Nginx, Inc., in a press release. “This is a natural fit for NGINX, relied on by the busiest websites in the world for accelerating and delivering their applications to any device. We’re excited to bring these capabilities to the ARM Platform.”

The accelerator is fully optimized for ARM-based 64-bit processors for expanded memory addressing, multi-core architecture and high-speed networking. Additionally, NGINX Plus allows enterprises to significantly reduce power and space requirements with the combined energy efficiency of ARM-based 64-bit servers.

Using NGINX Plus, apps can also be load balanced, cached with session persistence and include health-checks and monitoring to help scale across unpredictable spikes in demand. The accelerator can be deployed across cloud- and software-based networks to further minimize overall costs.

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