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Nexthink announces  release of v5.2

Nexthink announces release of v5.2 

Nexthink believes this search available in Nexthink vV5.2 will lower the technical expertise needed for IT analytics, in which natural language can be used to search and obtain fetching the most accurate results.

“We are excited about the reaction from partners and customers to Nexthink V5. In the first six months, over 34% of more than 500 customers have upgraded,” said Vincent Bieri, cCo-fFounder and cChief pProduct eEvangelist at Nexthink, in a press release. “The smart search in Nexthink V5.2 makes End-user IT Analytics available to a broader audience with low training investments. The printing analytics provide cost savings intelligence and additional threat indicators in addition to network traffic anomalies to identify risks of data exfiltration.”

V5.2’s end-user upgrades of printer analytics include enhanced functionality and precision. It can recognize a greater variety of printer types Printer type recognition is widened and print jobs are recorded in complex scenarios. Organizations can accurately measure and improve printing services for optimized performance.

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