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New Zendesk offering aimed at large enterprises

New Zendesk offering aimed at large enterprises 

Zendesk’s updated Enterprise Elite pricing plan provides large-scale businesses with ongoing support, service-level guarantees, and features that are tailor-made to satisfy each company’s individual needs. It also includes four adoption paths that employ the best practices and take advantage of the Zendesk Benchmark to drive customer service improvements.

“We’re helping the world’s largest organizations to be human at enterprise scale,” said Mikkel Svane, Zendesk founder and CEO in a press release. “Too often, being big means losing the personal touch that’s the backbone of a company’s relationship with its customers. We want to change that and make it possible for the most innovative enterprises to be personable, friendly and responsive in their customer interactions.”

The four paths of the Enterprise Elite platform include scalable support, which improves customer service centre efficiency and scaling to support customers in any channel and effortless self-service, which directly integrates support into customer experiences to help themselves via the discovery of communities and content.

Other paths include proactive engagement, where a loop of feedback is created to analyze customer insights and engage customers at the right time and in the right context in order to make service, sales and product improvements, and employee service, where the best customer service practices are applied to the internal employee experience by helping departments collaborate and communicate with employees and one another.

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