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New technology facilitates client and provider relationships

New technology facilitates client and provider relationships 

The company announced its new TrueCommerce Transaction Manager on Monday, boasting integrated warehouse/3PL support that facilitates and maximizes efficiency.

TrueCommerce Transation Manager is bound for warehouses where outbound orders and inbound shipping advice create a high-stress environment. Integrated with SAP Business One, the TrueCommerce Transaction Manager automatically processes sales orders, updates lot and serial numbers, sends customer notifications and provides advance ship notice. Together, these features work to provide seamless communication between customer and provider.

“By leveraging integrated warehouse transactions, manufacturers and suppliers can streamline the fulfillment process from sales order processing to shipping to distribution, helping to optimize supply chain management and strengthen trading partner relationships,” said Nick Manolis, president of the TrueCommerce EDI Solutions group.

In today’s rapidly advancing industry, full communication is key for staying up-to-date. Eliminating tedious and time-consuming tasks, like re-entering data, makes for a more stream-lined company and consumer experience.

The TrueCommerce Transcation Manager is changing the way business is done and companies are perceived. Suddenly, oceans don’t seem so daunting, the world not so wide. Companies around the globe are able to interact as neighbours – and for the small business, this sense of community is essential for building a home.

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