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New study reveals application divide in the workplace

New study reveals application divide in the workplace 

The study showed that businesses that are willing to take the plunge have seen their total revenues increase at twice the rate of “laggards” who have yet to or have refused to make these investments. This, in turn, has created an application divide in the workplace.

“There is clear evidence that enterprises of all sizes, in all markets, have to embrace the application economy and place software development and delivery at the center of their business strategy,” John Michelsen, CTO for CA Technologies said in a press release. “Business success is tied to application performance, and the ability of a business to drive growth is no longer just about the product or service they deliver, but increasingly about a complete software-driven experience.”

According to the findings, 50 per cent of the over 1,450 business leaders and managers interviewed realized that software and app development are crucial to their companies’ success. As a result, they plan to, or already have invested money into adding talent and exploring opportunities to bolster their development activity.

In addition to increasing revenue, the study also found that business leaders saw their profits grow 68 per cent higher through app development investments, along with a 50 per cent increase in new business growth through the release of new products and services.

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