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New research: DYOA to meet ever-changing business requirements

New research: DYOA to meet ever-changing business requirements 

According to the survey of 700 IT decision makers in Europe, Latin America and Asia conducted by the independent market research firm Vanson Bourne, there is soaring demand for PaaS architecture from organizations looking for faster development and deployment cycles; PaaS solution allows custom business applications to be developed and deployed in a web browser.

Eighty five percent of respondents said that there is demand within their organization, highlighting that the DYOA trend is primarily being driven at a business rather than IT level.

Furthermore, the survey showed how entrenched PaaS has become in the enterprise. Seventy percent of the respondents were either already using or are planning to use it , with demand for rapid application development from the highest levels of the company, while 47 percent came from existing customers or partners. Forty four percent said finance teams were developing and deploying their own applications, while 54 percent of existing PaaS users reported it already helped them to reduce time. Fifty one percent of respondents said it helped reduce costs and 47 percent said PaaS had given a greater capacity for innovation.

The study also reported that PaaS for application development and deployment will continue to be a focus for organizations.

Matt Robinson, VP, technology at Progress, said in a press release, “The rise of ‘Develop Your Own Application’ is the latest trend to reshape the way we work, riding hot on the tail of ‘Bring Your Own Device’ and ‘Bring Your Own Application.’ It’s never been easier to develop an application that can allow your business, a department, or even a specific individual to be more productive, regardless of your coding skills. There can be little doubt that we’re now living in the age of the citizen developer. The benefits of using a rapid application development PaaS to improve speed and productivity should not be lost in the excitement of the DYOA age, and this research reveals that many are beginning to wake up to the benefits they can provide.”

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