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New Private Cloud service from Q9

New Private Cloud service from Q9 

Powered by Nutanix, Q9’s Dedicated Private Cloud service offers customers the performance and control they need to manage any IT workload, and a major advantage of doing this is “eliminating the capital investment in underlying infrastructure” says Q9 SVP Product and Strategy, Strahan McCarten.

Cloud is an integral part of the IT infrastructure today, especially private cloud but with this new service from Q9, you will not only have superior control and performance but rapid hardware scalability within your cloud environment.

McCarten went on to explain how this is possible, “…customers can scale their infrastructure to pay for only what they need, replicate their clusters locally or nationally, and easily integrate their solution with the rest of their IT infrastructure and public cloud workloads.”

What is unique about this new service is that it provides greater control for the user through the Nutanix cloud software suite. This service is not only private but also ensures that all your data reside in Canada.

Another feature is the rapid scalability to scale with your cloud applications and also performance is greatly enhanced through the software intelligence of the Nutanix platform.

A Canadian-based, cloud solution is a service, according to Karen Sheriff, CEO of Q9, that the market has been asking for that has “the control, performance and security to handle mission-critical IT workloads.” Now that service is available. 

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