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New HP release to simplify data centre deployments

New HP release to simplify data centre deployments 

The company has announced the release of a new Distributed Cloud Networking (DCN) solution that will allow for easier in of complex frameworks across multiple data centres.

Using DCN permits corporations and service providers to create an automated deployment process for cloud networks across a distributed infrastructure. Additionally, DCN helps to decrease the total installation time from months to minutes.

“Customers are looking for ways to upgrade their networks to better focus on building business and incorporating new technologies that adapt to rapidly changing demands,” Antonio Neri, SVP and GM of servers and networking for HP said in a press release. “Distributed Cloud Networking allows customers to seamlessly work across their distributed environment, removing the need to manually reconfigure the network and offering a more efficient infrastructure at reduced costs.”

DCN also gives network administrators increased control over distributed networking from a centralized location, regardless of whether the data centre is a private, public or hybrid operation. It also helps to reduce the costs of network ownership. 

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