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New HP release reduces the need for rip-and-replace

New HP release reduces the need for rip-and-replace 

However, a new release from HP seeks to solve that problem.

HP has announced changes to its 3PAR StoreServ. The price, the company says, is equal to a usable flash storage device, compared to the high performance of spinning disk drives. The new product also features the 3PAR Flash Advisor toolset.

“As more customers look to deploy flash-based storage for performance and operational cost benefits, they need ways to do this non-disruptively while protecting their current investments,” said David Scott, SVP and GM of HP Storage. “By extending all-flash array benefits to all hybrid storage models with an SSD tier, HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage allows customers to achieve flash performance without having to purchase additional hardware.”

HP’s adaptive flash cache is capable of reducing latency by up to 70 per cent with SSD use, and the express write feature lowers storage write latencies by up to 10 per cent and helps to boost writing capabilities.

Users of SAP solutions will be able to use the new configuration for SAP HANA, a customized data center integration that provides for all-flash arrays for HP 3PAR StoreServ.

Additionally, the 3PAR operating system allows the concurrent use of both Adaptive Flash Cache and Adaptive Optimization sub-LUN tiering for cost savings and performance benefits on HP 3PAR StoreServ Storage. Adaptive Optimization lowers costs for a given performance level while Adaptive Flash Cache delivers faster response times on data being read from a cold storage tier.

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