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New Distrix release provides heightened security

New Distrix release provides heightened security 

Version 4.2 of the Network Virtualization Platform contains several new features that offer additional safety measures for deployments for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

The release of this updated version is in line with Distrix’s mandate to present VPN capability at any layer of the OSI stack for seamless branch-to-branch and branch-to-data centre connections. The security envelope is designed in a manner that integrates legacy protocols and devices onto a unified network infrastructure with new IIoT tools.

“Almost daily, we hear about breaches of network security,” said Jay Friedman, president of Distrix. “This latest release continues to extend Distrix’s security model to deal with cyber security threats from outside and inside enterprise networks by enabling organizations to fully segregate and isolate application traffic, Organizations can easily extend this level of security to manage the addition of IIoT devices to their networks in order to realize the true benefits of M2M communications.”

Version 4.2 also includes several other improvements designed to simplify and automate centralized network management. One key component is a new topology display that offers a full graphical look at Distrix’s entire overlay network. Further automation of the network can be executed through the GUI and RESTful API, along with a detailed set of operation metrics.

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