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New director to head FICO Canada

New director to head FICO Canada 

Since then, FICO has helped businesses in over 80 countries make decisions that the company claims drive growth, profitability and customer satisfaction. Recently, FICO Canada appointed Kevin Deveau as its director. Deveau shared his plans for FICO’s future, including how the company plans to use analytics.

Deveau commented that he has two priorities as the new head of FICO Canada. “One of my immediate priorities as managing director of FICO Canada will be to meet with our existing customers that I have not directly managed prior to my promotion,” he said. “Working closely with my sales team, I would like to get an understanding of their customer’s strategic objectives and challenges and to see how FICO can best support our customers going forward.”

The second important task is technology-related. “The introduction and launch of the FICO Analytic Cloud to our Canadian client base will be one of my key priorities,” Deveau declared. “Since 1956, FICO has pioneered the development of predictive analytic solutions and we are extremely excited about the opportunity to provide our solutions and tools through the cloud. This will enable organizations to create innovative, analytic applications more rapidly and will dramatically increase developer and business-user productivity. Our goal is to make our solutions and tools as accessible as possible so that the end customer has everything they need at their disposal to build solid analytics programs.”

“The FICO Analytic Cloud will, for the first time, allow application developers, business users and FICO partners around the world one-stop access to FICO’s analytics and decision management tools and technology,” Deveau explained. “It will create new opportunities for Canadian companies, especially small-to-medium size companies, who were previously unable to undertake large, sometimes very expensive, analytic programs.”

FICO Canada’s new director shared some good news about the Analytic Cloud. “We are also currently offering free 30-day trails of our FICO Analytic Cloud so that businesses can test drive FICO’s cloud-based infrastructure,” Deveau said. “By doing so, we’re making it possible for anyone in any size organization to consume, contribute to and collaborate on analytic innovations, large and small.”

Analytics currently play a significant role in the payment provider and credit card industry. Deveau predicts that this role will expand and technology will improve to deliver better results. “One of the current trends in analytics and big data we’re seeing is the push for faster and more accurate fraud detection,” he remarked. “New technologies are allowing fraud to be detected in real-time.” Deveau cited the example of FICO’s own fraud detection technologies. “FICO’s fraud detection consortium models allow banks to determine whether you’re using your credit card outside of the regular pattern or usage and halt the transaction in real time if the card is believed to be used fraudulently,” he noted.

Aside from determining credit scores and protecting customers from fraud, analytics help businesses tailor personalized deals to consumers. “FICO works with several retailers to develop new and sophisticated digital loyalty offerings to their customers,” Deveau remarked. “As retailers are moving away from the traditional mass-distributed coupon system, predictive technologies can now provide consumers with a truly personalized offer. Retailers can process mass amounts of data and determine the optimal offer to provide to the end consumer. These programs have become sophisticated enough to look at previous buying patterns to know when a consumer will need to buy specific grocery items that had previously been purchased and send them personalized offers on those items.”

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