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New Cloudmark release to combat DNS threats

New Cloudmark release to combat DNS threats 

Cloudmark’s new Security Platform for DNS will enable IT managers to quickly identify and block all DNS threats, which, in turn, will prevent hackers from causing serious damage to their business and internal network.

“In today’s security environment, organizations must go beyond traditional preventative measures to protect against botnets, malware, viruses and attacks,” Neil Cook, CTO of Cloudmark said in a press release. “It’s crucial to have a layered defense that addresses vulnerabilities throughout a company’s infrastructure. By addressing DNS threats, organizations can prevent costly damage to their network and their brand. We are committed to working with companies to ensure they can combat threats across their entire network.”

DNS attacks are generally not blocked by standard Internet security protocols, and can have a significant impact on a business’s performance. They often drive up costs, reduce productivity, and can result in the loss of customers, clients or subscribers. The Security Platform prevents these issues by blocking potential malicious activity in real time. 

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