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New Brunswick speeds up

New Brunswick speeds up 

Xplornet Communications, a Woodstock, NB-based ISP, has launched a faster 25 Mbps Internet service for residents in rural areas of the province. The move is the direct result of the company’s investment in Long-Term Evolution (LTE) technology.

“New Brunswick can now claim the fastest rural fixed wireless Internet speeds in Canada,” Xplornet president Allison Lenehan said in a press release. “But New Brunswick is just the start.  Xplornet’s goal is to make 25 Mbps high-speed Internet available across Canada by 2017, and today’s launch is an important step forward on that goal.”

The increased speed will make it easier to download and view high-definition digital content, and will also enable rural enterprises to do business over the Internet.

“This is transformative speed. Only a few years ago, this kind of speed would have been unimaginable,” said Lenehan.

In the New Year, Xplornet plans to upgrade its province-wide fixed-wireless network, and will actively promote the new service to new and existing customers. High-speed speed Internet is currently available in select rural communities, but will soon be available across New Brunswick.

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