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New Avaya solutions help marketers build cross-channel campaigns

New Avaya solutions help marketers build cross-channel campaigns 

A survey conducted by the company found that 93 per cent of business managers understand that a lack of a comprehensive, personalized customer experience strategy can result in a loss of sales and customer loyalty.

The Customer Experience Management (CEM) solutions will tackle this problem and enable businesses to streamline the customer experience across mobile, web, and contact centres.

Through a single platform, businesses will be able to use SMS, email, mobile, phone, and video to reach out to their customers and build an omni-channel customer service strategy.

“Companies can no longer afford to maintain the status quo by relying on older contact center technologies thinking the expense and disruption of an upgrade will put their operations at risk,” said Mark de la Vega, VP and GM, Customer Experience Management Solutions, Avaya. “The bigger picture is that if they don’t address the changing customer demands their entire business is already at risk. Avaya enables companies to close the gap between what customers expect today and help companies build truly legendary experiences – one interaction at a time.”

The capabilities are offered through the Avaya Aura Experience Portal 7.0, the Proactive Outreach Manager, and Intelligent Customer Routing.

The latest release of the Aura Experience Portal provides users with an open, Web services-based architecture that supports two-way SMS and email. It also provides zoning capabilities for localized delivery of customer service and a decrease in networking charges.

The Proactive Outreach Manager collects the management of all outgoing communications into a single solution managed on the Aura Experience Portal. These communications can include predictive dialing campaigns, email, and SMS alerts. It also supports predictive dialing with Avaya’s Aura Call Centre Elite and Aura Contact Centre offerings.

With Intelligent Customer Routing, users will have real-time visibility into caller intent and cross-channel interaction history.

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