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NetSupport introduces NetSupport Notify v3

NetSupport introduces NetSupport Notify v3 

Version 3 of NetSupport’s Notify software is designed to provide a faster, more efficient means of transmitting key information and IT-related news across an intern network while reducing costs. The software can be used to send messages from any mobile device to desktop users within an organization.

“When time is tight, it isn’t always possible to type a lengthy message,” NetSupport’s Development Director Rob Hawkins said in a press release. “The new hotkey feature acknowledges the requirement among customers for a more immediate response mechanism when dealing with critical scenarios.”

Messages sent with Notify can be fully customized to include a company’s logo, branding and colours. Users can also modify the priority of each individual message, schedule recurring announcements for specific dates and times, and even include clickable links to supplementary information. The software maintains records of all sent and received communications, and also tracks acknowledgement of each message.

New features of Version 3 include enhanced mobile capabilities optimized for Android use, support for all major operating systems, a new full-screen message option with appropriate timeouts, and a hotkey emergency response function.

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