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NetApp announces contributions to OpenStack

NetApp announces contributions to OpenStack 

“As an active contributor to the OpenStack Community, NetApp leads in its commitment to open source solutions and customer choice in the cloud,” said Jeff O’Neal, senior director, Cloud Solutions Group, NetApp. “Our latest integrations and contributions help speed and simplify the deployment of differentiated cloud services providing cloud customers the resources they need. We will continue to provide tools to expand the capabilities of public, private, and hybrid clouds built with OpenStack.”

The OpenStack Havana enhancements include Block Storage (Cinder) integrations in Havana that support cloud-native and traditional enterprise applications, accelerated instance creation and storage capacity efficiencies through Havana integrations with OpenStack Image and Compute, and access to advanced storage features such as QoS, efficiency, and data protection capabilities.

NetApp has committed itself to certifying solutions for a more rapid deployment of OpenStack, and has completed testing of a FlexPod Datacenter with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform. Additionally, it has certified four solutions with Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform, and together with Rackspace has certified NetApp solutions for Rackspace Private Cloud Software.

The company has also introduced a new file-sharing project called “Manila” to the OpenStack community, which has been developed for inclusion in the OpenStack core at the time of Icehouse’s release. The service will bridge a gap in the company’s storage coverage and enable on-demand file storage based Infrastructure as a Service.

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