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Nelnet implements latest processing suite

Nelnet implements latest processing suite 

 Designed to improve digital data capture methods with an eye towards consistency and control, the new release will feature the latest version of the OpenText Process Suite.

“OpenText Process Suite has helped Nelnet to focus on what’s important, removing the barriers and challenges associated with servicing student loans today,” Mike Randash, executive director of Nelnet Diversified Solutions, said in a press release. “The OpenText solution helps us to focus on the customer, prioritizing work quickly and accurately, resulting in a better overall customer service experience and higher customer satisfaction levels.”

The new product will also include better end-to-end visibility, and can continually improve within the business atmosphere to help companies provide better offerings for their clientele.

OpenText Process Suite helps to digitize processes that were previously done on paper, thus resulting in cost savings. Nelnet organizes, schedules and assigns more task categories, which helps enterprises to make quicker and more accurate decisions. It also provides direct access to highly improved data analytics for enhanced work management and task monitoring.

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