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NEC introduces UNIVERGE SV9000 servers

NEC introduces UNIVERGE SV9000 servers 

Designed for use by a wide variety of consumers, including SMBs and larger corporations, NEC’s new products include the SV9100, 9300 and 9500 platforms. New terminals are also being introduced in tandem with the servers. Among them are the DT400 and 800 series, along with the UT880, which is a combines the features of a desk phone with those of an Android tablet.

“We are excited to bring this powerful line-up of solutions to our global markets,” Osamu Noda, GM of NEC’s enterprise networks division said in a press release. “The new SV9000 series continues NEC’s trend of creating a natural migration path for customers, while evolving the technology to meet the needs of today’s businesses.”

The SV9500 server is fully optimized for business use, and is available as virtualized software and an on-premises device. It features the SV enterprise-grade telephony system, and can be modified to suit users’ specific needs. The SV9300 is tailor-made for the mid-sized enterprise environment, while the SV9100 enables SMBs to consolidate their communications. 

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