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NEC introduces M-Series SAN storage family

NEC introduces M-Series SAN storage family 

The company announced the launch of its M-Series storage products. It’s the next generation of M-Series SAN storage family for virtualized environments.

“The new M-Series storage solutions help our customers achieve greater performance and cost-effectiveness in their cloud and consolidated environments,” said Gideon Senderov, director of advanced storage for NEC Corporation of America. “Innovative NEC software and hardware functionalities enable NEC to solve storage problems for both entry-level customers and the most demanding enterprises alike.”

The M-Series systems come to the market with enhanced hybrid storage capability of 1.6 TB flash drives with which users can tier data and cache manage for larger data setups.

The M110, the M310 and M510, and the M710 models suit from the entry-level, mid-range and the high-performance storage needs.

In particular, the M710 model has 3PB capacity for cloud environments and the Mx10 pool is capable of up to four times in higher performance than it prior siblings SAN storage1.

Interface upgrade from 6 Gpbs to 12 helped improve the test result of the SPC Benchmark 1 from 25,000 IOPS to 100,000 in the Intel Xeon control processors.

NEC has also added enhanced software capabilities, with the intention of simplifying cloud management. The VMware vCenter Operations software tool simplifies performance with a single window allowing storage performance analysis in a “single pane of glass.”

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