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NEC introduces interconnect solution for software-defined data centres

NEC introduces interconnect solution for software-defined data centres 

The product boasts the Unified Network Coordinator (UNC), a new OpenFlow-based, interconnect-enabling solution for software-defined data centres. The UNC addresses challenges in the areas of risk, scalability, manageability, complexity, and security.

With up to 10 times the scalability, ProgrammableFlow can control up to 10 controllers, sites, or zones in a large data centre. It can also control 2,000 switches, 30,000 virtual tenant networks, 100,000 VLANs, and 10 million flows.

“The ProgrammableFlow version 5.1 controller allows for better resource utilization and it simplifies data center management, both of which can increase service agility and reduce operating costs,” said Don Clark, director of business development, NEC Corporation of America. “Customers can deploy the UNC to move workloads across multiple data centers and control how traffic flows across WAN links. This allows the pooling of resources, which equates to better utilization of not only networks, but also storage and servers.”

NEC will be demonstrating this new service at Open Networking Summit 2014 in Santa Clara from March 3-5. The company expects that it will be made generally available in April 2014.

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