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Movius introduces split line service enhancements for cable operators

Movius introduces split line service enhancements for cable operators 

This technology allows converged texting capabilities for business and personal phone lines, voicemails and apps on a single device. Movius believes this will be advantageous to cable operators, because they will be able to gain entrance into the wireless phone services market.

“Cable MSOs should be looking to expand their mobile services to enable end users to have the same capabilities they have at home and at work on the go,” said Jose Romero, VP of marketing, Movius, in a press release. “Pay TV providers are just beginning to delve into offering mobile to their customer base. With over 900 million global subscriber households, this represents a substantial revenue expansion opportunity for us to bundle mobile as well.”

The split voice line and converged messaging services is called myIdentities, with which cable companies can mobilize their fixed customers and port user context, preferences and associated services to their devices. The services are offered together within one brand by the cable service provider. Cable MSOs can offer mobilized and unified services by utilizing their own Wi-Fi networks, using myIdentities TDM and Wi-Fi capabilities and thus operators can boost revenue.

myIdentities also allows users to mobilize their personal and professional contact numbers on separate lines through a single mobile device irrespective of the users’ location. The split line allows for two payment plans for each line to generate additional ARPU.

“Cable providers need to be more aggressive when moving into Mobile Network Operators’ territory,” added Romero. “So far there are very few who have completely synchronized mobility with content. By adding services with more value to the current market, Cable MSOs can increase revenue and reduce churn, improving customer loyalty and making customers stickier. A solution like myIdentities offers important capabilities to suit today’s modern consumer by adding value and mobility.”

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