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Motion Computing introduces rugged R12 tablet platform

Motion Computing introduces rugged R12 tablet platform 

“Motion has been developing purpose built tablet PC devices for more than a decade,“ said Scott Ball, Canada country manager, Motion Computing. “Our customers do not want to compromise display size and performance while automating their mobile workflows. Every R12 product and feature was created with a specific worker need in mind. Enterprise-ready, secure, safe and rugged, the R12 was built to delight and empower the end-user while delivering investment protection and productivity gains to the business.”

The R12 platform is entirely produced and designed by Motion Computing, meaning that customers do not need to rely on third party mobile technology. The company hopes that the lightweight and rugged tablet will provide a desktop computer replacement to its customers. However, a desk mount is available, as well as a wireless keyboard featuring Motion Computing’s EasyPair technology. EasyPair bypasses the need for Bluetooth by ensuring that any R12 wireless keyboard automatically works with any R12 tablet.

In addition to the wireless keyboard, Motion Computing is also touting its SlateMate data acquisition module as a useful accessory for employees in the field. It can be configured with up to three I/O devices. For workers who spend a lot of time in their cars, the Secure Mobile vehicle dock accepts multiple docking configurations, such as the tablet attached to the SlateMate module or the tablet in its carrying case. Motion Computing believes the Secure Mobile vehicle dock will improve driver safety as well as productivity and collaboration.

The platform will be officially available in April 2014.

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