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More businesses adopting flash-based storage, says IDC

More businesses adopting flash-based storage, says IDC 

The results of IDC’s Storage User Demand Survey indicate that more businesses are opting for flash-based storage due to lower prices, a wider product line and familiarity with solid-state technology.

“There are still plenty of end users who believe they do not have the workload demands or budgetary appetite for flash-based storage systems,” Natalya Yezhkova, research director of storage systems at IDC said in a press release. “However, we anticipate that the increasing availability of flash-based products across a broader range of use cases, combined with improved vendor messaging and falling component prices, will mitigate the biggest concerns to enabling even broader adoption of flash in the future.”

The survey also shows that there has been initial interest amongst startups and tier 1 vendors in adopting flash-based storage. The decision to lower prices has led to the growing interest in these products.

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