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Monitis launches Real User Monitoring

Monitis launches Real User Monitoring 

Real User Monitoring (RUM) is engineered to deliver data generated from actual visits to a web page, and also boosts the analytical functions of Montis’ cloud-based monitoring system.

“The Internet has revolutionized the way individuals collect the specific bits of information they want at any given time, and monitoring should support the very same purpose,” Mikayel Vardanyan, GM of Monitis said in a press release. “The measurement of a website only makes sense if the site can be modified based on a user’s experience, which can vary according to settings, device or region. As a website administrator or marketing executive, you want these pieces of information to take all these differences into account and adjust accordingly. Monitis RUM makes that possible.”

Data collected by RUM can be used to determine and track webpage performance, in addition to troubleshooting issues that websites may encounter. Additionally, it can be used to develop new or modify existing web marketing campaigns.

Webmasters can extract traffic data from RUM by inserting a Javascript code into the pages they would like to track.

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