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MobileIron releases Anyware

MobileIron releases Anyware 

IT administrators log into a secure web portal in order to begin securing mobile devices. They invite users to enroll via email. Then, they can configure email, Wi-Fi, passcode and VPN settings through the portal. The portal pushes those settings onto devices when users enroll. Next, IT administrators establish and populate mobileapplication and content catalogs. Anyware sends out prompts to ensure that users install required applications. The solution monitors and automatically enforces policies on non-compliant devices. Should an employee lose a device or leave the company, Anyware lets the IT administrator retire that device. 

When a user receives the enrollment email, he or she follows a setup wizard to register the device. After registering the device, the user visits the application and content catalogs to download required programs. After that, the user does not need to do anything else to remain compliant. 

Anyware is integrated with the platform. Administrators can include applications in an organization’s application catalog. Anyware also lets administrators deploy applications throughout the mobile workforce.

“Mobile is the greatest productivity enabler of the decade. Anyware by MobileIron lets every company, whether small orlarge, quickly transform into a Mobile First organization,” said Bob Tinker, CEO, MobileIron. “Anyware combines a fantastic user experience with the enterprise-grade security customers expect from MobileIron. But the true power of Anyware is that its massive scalability allows us to build what we believe will be the strongest cloud EMM business model in the industry.”

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