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Mobile connectivity on wheels

Mobile connectivity on wheels 

Mojio has partnered with Telus to provide an after-market solution that will allow any car made after 1996 to become a connected car.

“You can turn any car any car from 1996 onward from a dumb car to an internet connected smart car that can connect with your environment as you go through your day, help you find parking and make automated parking payments, do diagnostics and send you to dealerships and garages and a whole lot more,” said Jay Giraud, founder and CEO of Mojio.

“It will be able to tell you what that check engine light really means and give you a real time garage quote so that you will know if you’re getting a fair offer from a service garage,” he continued.

This type of cross-industry and cross-generational compatibility in the automobile market is an impressive feat.

“The number one challenge here was coming up with a solutions oriented platform that has the software development tools, the know-how and the capability to find a commonality in all these different vehicles,” said Giraud.

Mojio will be available for purchase late 2014 and preorders are already available on their site. It will retail for $169, which will include the first year of service, after which the cost is $6.99 per month.

The product plugs into a car’s diagnostic port and pairs with smartphones to provide a plethora of capabilities including vehicle diagnostics, monitoring and trip tracking.

It also has an open platform, which developers have already started to work with to develop more apps and functionality.

“We built an open platform for app developers and automotive ecosystem providers and the entire automotive industry to build smart phone applications that can communicate with your car in real time,” said Giraud.

“We are seeing hundreds of different applications being developed for our product and in many cases they are top gear automotive service providers doing it.

But the open platform isn’t just for major companies. Giraud said there was an emphasis placed on making the product easy to develop for.

“An app developer, who has maybe made apps for Facebook or Android is now able to quickly and easily, literally in ten minutes flat, create an account on our website, plug into the data from any old car and search code applications with copy and paste simplicity and within a matter of minutes have that code be able to communicate to almost any car made after 1995 that has a Mojio device installed,” he said.

“So they don’t have to know about cars, they don’t have to know about car codes, they don’t have to know about network configuration or cellular networks –they just have to know JavaScript and you can write a smartphone application that millions of people can take advantage of.”

This after-market solution could help spread the much talked about, but slow to implement connected car trend.

“The automotive industry has been talking about the connected car for a long time, but things like Ford Sync and GM’s OnStar – they leave a lot to be desired,” said Giraud. “They only work on new cars and they only address a tiny portion of the market.”

According to Machina Research, by 2022, there will be 1.8 billion automotive connections globally, which will consist of 700 million connected cars and 1.1 billion aftermarket devices.

“In North America, you need to think that there are probably 50 million new and used cars that are going to be sold this year and probably a million of them will have some sort of high end, very expensive connection – and they are still not actually connected cars, they are connected entertainment systems,” said Giraud.

“Being able to get Pandora to your car doesn’t make it a connected car,” he continued. “Connected means the intelligence of the car for thousands of codes and hundreds of sensors augment your connected experience the way your smartphone does.”

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