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Millennials are creating their own opportunity

Millennials are creating their own opportunity 

According to a study commissioned by Intel Canada, 4 in 10 students and recent graduates are gravitating towards multiple part-time jobs rather than a single full-time one. For most, this means more contract work and more personal branding.

“This study reinforces what I’ve been hearing from students when I present to them on campus: that they’re actively taking on employment gigs and kick starting their careers,” says Amber Mac, Technology Host & Entrepreneur. “My top tip to them is to harness the power of their personal brand online, and turn their digital persona into a professional brand. This requires choosing the right technology and the right social media tools.”

One third of respondents aspire to business ownership, while one in two believe contract work is essential for building resumes. In order to for this self-employment to work, however, millennials need to right equipment.

“Taking gigs likely means working from home, connecting with colleagues remotely, delivering work virtually and working flexible hours,” says Elaine Mah, Director of Marketing at Intel Canada. “Given this type of work environment a fast, reliable and high performance computer has never been more important.”

A quick and multitasking generation, millennials are sure to find opportunity wherever they can create it.

“With smart decisions on [all] fronts, it’s possible today to build a business or career while on campus,” says Mac.

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