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Microsoft WPC: Enterprise class security at the cost of a coffee and donut

Microsoft WPC: Enterprise class security at the cost of a coffee and donut 

Speaking earlier today during the Vision Keynote session at the Air Canada Center in Toronto where Microsoft is hosting WPC 2016 for over 16,000 of its partners and customers, Mehdi pointed out that the number one feature of Windows 10 is security.

Microsoft has been witnessing an extraordinary trend with Windows 10 as customers are moving to this latest operating system much faster than any previous versions of Windows. Over 350 million devices now run the latest version of Windows, thanks to its ease of use, productivity and more so security. This version is billed as the most secure version of Windows, which is a much-needed feature in this most dangerous cyber world we live in.

To benefit from the advanced security capability, Microsoft announced two new programs today. The first one highlighted by Mehdi is Windows 10 Enterprise E3 for CSP, which offers enterprise-grade security and control at just $7 a seat per month. This new service is being offered for the first time through the Cloud Solution Provider channel. Businesses that are operating without dedicated IT resources or have limited IT staff, stand to benefit from this program by having their licensing and IT needs managed by an experienced and trusted partner.

Customers will now have the offerings of the full array of services and subscriptions, including Windows 10, Office 365, Microsoft Azure and CRM subscriptions through a single partner, which is greatly simplified with just one user account, one point of contact for support and one simplified bill.

The other program is on the Microsoft Surface side with Surface as a Service offering which is available through the CSP channel in combination with the new Windows 10 Enterprise E3 programs. Surface as a Service will provide customers with the means to transact, manage and deploy Surface to fit the flexibility of dynamic business needs with cloud, Windows 10 and Office 365.

With the announcement of these two new programs, Microsoft is working to empower business customers of all size and regions to transform the way they work while keeping security as the overriding and vital component in personal computing.

Windows 10 Enterprise E3 for CSP will be available starting this fall.

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