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Microsoft, AppZero to migrate Windows Server 2003 users

Microsoft, AppZero to migrate Windows Server 2003 users 

With the collaboration, Microsoft aims to educate system integrators and businesses in adopting Windows Server 2012, Windows Server Hyper-V and Windows Azure. The company has chosen AppZero to help migrate its users. AppZero is able to take existing applications and migrate them to a new machine. This migration tool allows for applications to be moved without code changes from older operating systems to Windows Server 2012 and Azure.

“Windows Server 2012 and Windows Azure deliver a consistent platform across on-premises, service provider clouds, and the public cloud,” said Brian Hillger, director of Product Marketing, Microsoft. “We are pleased to work with AppZero to help our customers take advantage of the advanced capabilities of Windows Server 2012 across virtualization, networking, and storage, as well as the openness, scalability, and flexibility provided by Windows Azure.”

As Windows Server 2003 nears the end, the companies hope that businesses will want to move to a newer version of the Windows Server operating system. These include Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012, as well as Windows Azure.

“We are uniquely positioned to help Microsoft customers migrate to a newer operating system because our technology separates the application from the operating system and moves only the application and its data,” said Greg O’Connor, AppZero CEO. “Other approaches move the whole machine, which won’t work if you’re moving to a newer OS.”

AppZero will be providing support for Windows Server 2012 R2 by the end of 2013.

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