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Microsoft announce Dynamics CRM Canadian availability at WPC2016

Microsoft announce Dynamics CRM Canadian availability at WPC2016 

“As of today, we are now selling CRM Online in Canada,” Janet Kennedy, head of Microsoft Canada said. “The new Dynamics AX also now in (beta) preview and will be sold in September in Canada.”

The company’s Dynamics CRM suite is a CRM tools which are a part of Microsoft’s Dynamics family of applications. Dynamics CRM focuses mainly on sales, marketing and the help desk sectors by Microsoft has been marketing Dynamics CRM as an XRM platform and has been encouraging partners to develop customized tools for it to sell to their customers.

Kennedy also pointed out that Microsoft’s Azure Cloud and how the new data centres in Toronto and Montreal have been helping Canadian businesses expand and innovate in their businesses.

“We had 188 customers willing to go into preview with us with the Canadian data centres in February,” she said.

Kennedy attributed the bump in activity to the public sector.

“A big reason for bringing these here was the public sector,” according to Kenney. “The public sector has specific requirements to have data centres here. We are excited about the momentum we are already seeing, with 250,000 seats of public sector customers closed already.

She said the “country is hungry for ISVs on Azure to take the costs from the infrastructure and move it up into the cloud.”

“We are all becoming ISVs, or as I refer to them, IP service providers,”said Jason Brommet, channel chief for Microsoft Canada.

Brommet noted that 88 per cent of the Fortune 500 companies in 1955 no longer exist. He said only 61 of such company still exist. He stressed that businesses are now trending towards collaboration with other organizations.

He referred to an IDC study which said that partner focus is “shifting from broad to specialized” and that partners have moved from “do-it-yourself to emphasizing collaboration with other partners.”

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