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Message Systems releases API-driven version of Momentum

Message Systems releases API-driven version of Momentum 

Version 4.1 of cross-channel messaging platform Momentum contains several new features that allow for easier email management. The new version is API-reliant, has an enhanced security protocol and is optimized for global transmission capabilities.

“The Momentum platform now provides a full set of tools that enable senders to reach recipients anywhere in the world, in accordance with new standards and with greater operational ease,” Message Systems CEO Phillip Merrick said in a press release. “With the new features in Momentum 4.1, customers will be able to streamline the message creation and data analysis necessary to improve engagement, all while securing their brand and expanding their global footprint. We’re not only keeping pace with the industry and providing the most flexible API-driven architecture; we’re innovating how people connect through evolving standards and technology.”

Also included with Momentum 4.1 is improved support for the Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS). TLS provides users with message encryption and enhanced brand protection by securing emails during the transmission process. In addition, Momentum 4.1 provides support for SMTPUTF8, which allows for easier message transmission to international recipients.

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