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MDM solution space heating up, says Strategy Analytics

MDM solution space heating up, says Strategy Analytics 

The higher demand for MDM solutions will also put pressure on the companies that develop them. Kevin Burden, director, mobility global wireless practice, Strategy Analytics, believes that the MDM market is about to heat up, and established providers will face increased competition to deliver more robust solutions. The Boston-based analyst firm recently released a report on the topic entitled “Understanding How BYOD is Changing Role of Mobile Device Management (MDM) in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM).”

Burden explained that before BYOD became far more prevalent in the workplace, there were few MDM solution providers. However, that changed when BlackBerry’s dominance eroded, and Apple and Android devices became more popular. “It’s not a homogeneous environment any longer,” Burden said. The enterprise now needs to secure a number of mobile device platforms, and MDM providers have been forced to broaden their offerings to meet that demand. 

In addition to supporting a greater number of platforms, Burden commented that MDM providers must find other ways to differentiate themselves and add value to their products to stay relevant. He pointed to telecom expense and application management tools as being key areas for differentiation. Burden and the analysts at Strategy Analytics have also seen telecom expense and application management providers moving into the MDM space in an attempt to win a greater market share.{mospagebreak}According to Burden, application management is becoming increasingly important in the MDM sphere. “Device management relies on the user,” he commented. “The user has to tell the IT department that the device is lost. But, if you bring security to the application space, the IT department has more control over that, and it can better control the device.” Burden foresees a greater number of MDM providers acquiring application management tool developers to beef up their portfolios. “Security has to swim upstream to application layer,” he remarked. “That’s a race MDM vendors are moving towards.  We expect to see more acquisitions to happen in that space.” 

Which MDM solution will ultimately win out? At this point in time, Burden does not see a definitive winner. However, he noted that vendors who offer the strongest MDM solutions are in the best position to succeed. Burden also believes that in a few years’ time, there will be a provider who can deliver a “one-stop shop.” In the meanwhile, the enterprise will continue to hunt for the MDM solution that will best secure a vast array of mobile devices. 

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