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McAfee releases updates to Data Center Server Security Suite

McAfee releases updates to Data Center Server Security Suite 

The updated version of the Data Center Server Security Suite allows data centre operators to see all workloads, including those from VMware’s vCenter and Amazon Web Services, to provide the security administrator with complete visibility of the security status. They can also protect every physical and virtual machine in the hybrid data centre with fine-grained policy management and data centre trust attestation with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator. The software also lets data centres expand compute capacity securely into the private and public cloud and ensure identical security posture between on-premise and cloud-based machines.

McAfee’s Data Center Server Security Suite also incorporates the company’s MOVE anti-virus software. The MOVE anti-virus software minimizes the performance impact on virtual servers with enhanced scan avoidance and scanning based on overall load of the hypervisor. It also standardizes security across all major hypervisors for consistent protection. Also, MOVE AV uses McAfee’s ePolicy Orchestrator to ensure that security policies remain intact, even as virtual machines migrate within the virtualized environment.

“Enterprises must stay compliant and meet government regulations and that is a typical barrier for organizations who want to move workloads into the cloud,” said Rishi Bhargava, VP, Data Center Security, McAfee. “With McAfee’s latest Data Centre Server Security Suite and its elastic security, enterprises are now empowered to do just that. McAfee provides comprehensive security from servers to networking to storage.”

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