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Maximizer CRM 2015: “Quick and easy” CRM adoption

Maximizer CRM 2015: “Quick and easy” CRM adoption 

This launch offers a choice of deployment between public cloud, private cloud and on premise. It allows users to customize the software dashboard, features, workflow and reporting functions to fit business processes.

“We aim to empower our users rather than bind them with a proscriptive solution,” said Mike Richardson, MD, Maximizer Software EMEA, in a press release. “We are giving them the flexibility to customise their CRM, integrate it with other systems, scale it up and down, output reports without having to add costly bolt-on applications, and operate across a number of markets in different languages.”

Deployment migration does not bring in the risk of losing customer interaction data contained in notes and tasks. Change in platform does not affect data integrity.

Users can delve into customer data whenever and wherever because of mobility of cloud-based implementations. Customised pre-built Excel report templates can be generated for more business opportunity and simplify campaign reports.

Anti-spam functionality helps users adhere to stringent anti-spam legislation and comply with Canada’s stricter new laws. Audit trails allow the tracking of database changes in detail that can be exported to Excel.

Vivek Thomas, President of Maximizer Software Inc, noted, “Subscription as a business model is growing exponentially within the software world. Maximizer has been diligently working behind the scenes to deliver our award winning CRM functionality over a cloud platform. With more than 15% of our customers currently using our cloud solution, and a CAGR of 100% over the last few years, we decided to introduce a model that provides customers the flexibility to choose either on-premise/cloud deployment with the ability to migrate either way whenever they like.”

Maximizer will also introduce subscription licensing with the launch of Maximizer CRM 2015. Existing customers can remain on perpetual licensing indefinitely.

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