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Matrix Absence Management releases updated employee tracker app

Matrix Absence Management releases updated employee tracker app 

The new version of the company’s absence tracker app will enable employees to transmit absence claims, time sheets and other forms of correspondence from their mobile devices. The update will also allow for the seamless submission of workplace-related surveys and connect employees with claims examiners.

“Experience and industry research tell us people have turned their smartphones and tablets into administrative tools for their lifestyle,” Kenneth Cope, president of Matrix said in a press release. “An absence from work today doesn’t necessarily mean being isolated at home, sick in bed. It can mean bouncing between health care providers and diagnostic tests, helping loved ones with medical or personal issues or taking time to resolve family issues.”

Matrix’s app is designed to effectively moderate the productivity that is lost when employees are not at the office. This is managed through the app’s Absence Solutions service portfolio, which simplifies administrative functions, delivery of benefits, and benefit cost reductions. 

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