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ManageEngine: revamping IT communication for large enterprises and data centres

ManageEngine: revamping IT communication for large enterprises and data centres 

Social IT Plus is a social network for data centres and large enterprises. It lets IT teams collaborate in real time on a Facebook-like wall, designed to be a one-stop shop for monitoring IT infrastructure. The new offering bridges the gap between IT management tools and traditional communication platforms.

Dev Anand, director of product management at ManageEngine, explains: “We have bridged the long-standing gap between IT management tools and a communication platform with Social IT Plus. Now, admins have a way to collaborate on issues in real time and improve the mean-time-to-repair.”

The new offering is a downloadable, on-premise version of ManageEngine’s SaaS-based social networking service for IT teams. It allows for real-time collaboration and unites IT admins and IT management tools on a common wall. Similar to Facebook, this wall allows for threaded discussions on a cascading wall. It’s much easier for multiple users to access and follow, as opposed to a trail of emails.

Social IT Plus was designed to reduce communication barriers between IT team members. IT admins can start discussions, share videos and articles, as well as trigger a script to post its status through REST APIs offered by Social IT Plus. By leveraging these APIs, IT admins can integrate them with IT management solutions from HP, IBM, CA and Microsoft. Alarms and performance reports from these solutions can be also be shared on the wall.

In addition, the software can be integrated with ManageEngine’s OpManager. The integration lets IT teams share a particular page, such as a device snapshot page or alarm details page, on the Social IT Plus wall to help the team discuss the device’s performance, share troubleshooting steps and quickly fix issues.

Social IT Plus will be available for download on December 10, 2013. To receive a download link for the software, users can register at


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