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ManageEngine puts Windows services monitoring on iPhones

ManageEngine puts Windows services monitoring on iPhones 

IT management company ManageEngine announced yesterday its free app for monitoring Windows services. The new app lets IT admins control Windows servers from their iPhones.

The ManageEngine Server Monitor app provides companies with agentless monitoring. It lets IT administrators restart and shutdown Windows servers from remote locations. It also lets them perform routine management tasks. These include using ICMP ping to monitor server availability, changing the status of Windows services and configuring the start-up mode.   

“Recent surveys of our users reveal that IT admins prize having IT control at their fingertips while on the go. ManageEngine Server Monitor lets the admins instantly access a server to perform routine yet critical Windows management tasks at any time, from anywhere,” said Vidya Vasu, head of the ManageEngine Community. “Our free tools for Windows management were targeted at start-ups and SMEs, but our surveys show that those tools are popular among mid and large enterprises as well. We will continue to provide free utilities that prove valuable to enterprises of all sizes.”

The ManageEngine app is an independent but complementary extension of its desktop counterpart, Windows Service Monitor. It can be downloaded from the Apple App Store at and is iOS 7 compatible.  

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