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Manage power consumption in data centres for better performance

Manage power consumption in data centres for better performance 

“It has been reported that data centres and their supporting infrastructure account for nearly three percent of all power utilized on a global scale,” Swift stated. “With these growing numbers comes the urgent need for energy efficiency.”

How can data centres become more energy efficient? “Reducing the amount of data centre equipment is not always optimal for energy savings, so businesses are turning to tools that can help with energy management and productivity,” Swift responded.

He enumerated the advantages to reducing energy usage. “The primary benefit in managing power consumption in data centres is being able to track energy usage over time, allowing businesses to analyze the data and make knowledgeable decisions about how to manage their power usage going forward,” Swift said. “By tracking power regularly, data centres can see reduced costs and maximized efficiency.”

Swift shared some simple ways in which data centre operators can cut down on their energy consumption. “While adjusting operating temperature and humidity set points and consolidating applications are some very simple steps that can make an impact on data centre power savings, investing in tools that can precisely measure power consumption will help to ensure servers aren’t consuming more than their share of power,” he remarked.

United Electric’s director of marketing suggested using a power monitor device or software. “It gives data centre managers the ability to monitor, integrate and display data centre power consumption information directly from a receptacle,” he explained. “It gives businesses the opportunity to encourage green IT, save in overall power usage costs and operate at the highest level of energy efficiency.”

Has Swift seen that businesses are taking the high cost of energy in data centres seriously? “As businesses continue to grow and demand power for a variety of applications, they are starting to realize that cutting costs aren’t the only thing that is important when looking into measuring power consumption,” he commented.

He has noticed that the enterprise is aware of the need to cut power consumption. “Many businesses understand that there are huge risks when data centre equipment consumes more power than it is supposed to,” Swift noted. He was not merely referring to operating costs; physical damage can occur. “This can potentially threaten other applications in the network with outage possibilities and tripped circuit breakers,” Swift explained. With power monitoring devices or software, IT professionals can fulfill their roles in a more effective manner. “When IT professionals consider using power monitoring devices for data centres, they can effectively do their jobs and even take preventative measures if necessary,” he concluded.

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